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Prices shown are the closing bid prices for the most recent date available.

We source prices in the following order:

  • Our primary source of prices is Thomson Reuters.
  • Our secondary source of prices is Bloomberg.
  • If prices aren’t available from Thomson Reuters or Bloomberg, we’ll source them manually.

Normal circumstances

Trades will be visible online within 24 hours of placing the deal.

Pending trades

Pending trades (buy or sell) are those that we’ve placed but haven’t yet settled with our custodian bank. Trade prices may be subject to change up to the point of settlement, so the exact amount can’t be guaranteed.

Value in portfolio currency

We calculate the ‘Value in portfolio currency’ column on the portfolio valuation screen by multiplying the number of units by the unit price.


Please refer to your Policy conditions and Charges schedule for details of the charges that apply and the frequency at which they’re deducted.

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